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Viva Global

Viva Global is an initiative by our management to expand Viva into the dozens of popular languages in the truck sim community to make our tools and services available worldwide. Our Viva Global department staff have surveyed the player base of both ATS and ETS2 in which have helped us grasp what languages we should expand to. As of today, Viva has only one language division, Viva Nederland (Dutch), with both Viva 非凡车队 (China) and Viva Português (Portugues) in development. This is done by collaborating with talented individuals who are passionate both about Viva and the truck sim community who direct their own language division with their own staff and resources. We want to ensure that any language we expand to feels as if the platform was made for that language only. 

Our Leadership

Viva Trucking is comprised of several staff departments with each department responsible for certain tasks vital to the company's operations. Below are the board of Directors that both manage these staff departments along with acting as a board for company decisions. 


Chief Executives of Viva Group/Viva Trucking


CEO | Quad

Owner and Founder of Viva

Viva Board of Directors

Directors of Viva Staff Departments


Director of Events


Director of Human Resources



Director of Admissions


Director of Community Management


Director of Development


Director of Support

Web/Technology Staff

The Developers Behind Viva Truckings Operations


Sr. Full-Stack Developer /
App Developer


Development Director / Full-Stack Developer


Back End Developer

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