A program designed to support and grow creators.

Viva's Streamer Program is a community-based initiative that was designed to support Viva's dozens of streamers through the use of our technology and outreach. Our program targets talented Drivers who strive to stream their exciting journeys both on and off the road. Whether it's ATS & ETS2, to CSGO & X-Plane, we will work with our streamers to help grow their presence in the online world. 


Streamer Perks

Access to a custom “Streamer”rank & channel

Share streams through our Viva Bot

Access to exclusive custom content

Earn merch and other rewards

Streamers get the distinct privilege to show others they are streamers and connect with other content creators though a private streamer chat. 

Our advanced discord bot will automatically advertise your stream in our media channel in which help streamers build up their audience and meet other Drivers from Viva. 

Streamers will be able to unlock exclusive streamer mods, custom overlays and plugins, access to new viva media, and much more!

Streamers who are passionate about Viva and have a large following may receive incentives such as free or discounted merch, donator perks, new content previews, and other rewards. 

Join Now!

Becoming a member of our Streamer Program is very simple. All you have to do is meet the requirements down below and apply! Within 48 hours a community management associate will review your request and email you your results. So what are you waiting for? Apply now!

  • Must be a Viva Trucking Member.

  • Speak English fluently.

  • Have no bans on TMP within the last two months.

  • Must have a stable and smooth stream that does not stutter in any way is able to achieve at least 30 FPS and 720p.

  • Obtained at least the Driver Rank in Viva.

  • Is respectful and responsible during all events and convoys on or off of stream.