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§1 - Disciplinary Policies

§2 - Company Policies

§3 - Admission Policies

§4 - Multiplayer Policies

§5 - Job Policies

§6 - Event and Convoy Policies

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§1 - Disciplinary Policies

§1.1 - Our Approach to Rule & Policy Breaches

The Rules & Policies listed below are in place to ensure the integrity of this community. Viva should be a safe, welcoming, and friendly environment. In this community, be it between drivers, staff, and leaders, we hold each to high standards of professionalism, courtesy, and respect. The rules in place, and, the enforcement of these rules, takes place to ensure justice, fairness, and equity between every single member of the community, from CEO down to Rookie.

We will never enforce a rule if there is insufficient evidence to prove the breach of a rule took place. But our community is only successful due to respect and honesty for our processes and one another. If you are asked questions by the Human Resources team, never lie, as this may discredit you and harm your chances in an investigation. Always be honest and reasonable. We all make mistakes from time to time, and we much prefer you to be upfront about any wrongdoing. Your cooperation with the Disciplinary Process will be noted in your favor.

Only after looking at the whole range of evidence and concluding objectively that a rule was broken, do we move on to assessing whether the purpose of the rule was fatally undermined, and calculating the scale of harm that has been caused by the rule breach. Our approach is to be educational in the first case, allowing drivers to learn from any mistakes they make. The appropriate sanction will always be proportionate.

§1.2 - Reporting Driver Misconduct

The Human Resources (‘HR’) team is responsible for overseeing driver discipline. Never administratively engage with or confront drivers or community members yourself. If you witness another driver or community member breaching our policies and rules or otherwise have concerns about their conduct, please forward your concerns to the HR team so that we can investigate the allegation. You can message any member of the HR team immediately with any evidence. Alternatively, you can use our website report system.

§1.3 - Co-operation with Human Resources

If you believe you have breached any of our policies or rules, it is important you alert HR to this yourself. You will receive a better outcome for co-operation and honesty.

§1.4 - Case File Investigations

Failure to adhere to any of the rules or policies listed will result in the driver being investigated and disciplined by the HR team.

All HR investigations are conducted fairly, objectively, and impartially. Evidence is considered and recorded in a case file along with a description of the incident and any witness testimony. All subjects under investigation have a right to reply during an investigation against them and will be contacted by the HR team to discuss their case. Drivers are given at least 7 days to reply to any request for information and to put their side of the case to the team. Failure to respond to the investigation after this time will result in a summary judgment in absentia.

§1.5 - Case File Outcomes

After an HR investigation, you will be invited to discuss the situation with one of our HR Associates who will explain the case and the outcome. The outcome is always approved by at least a two-thirds majority of the HR team. If you dispute the facts of the case or wish to contest the interpretation of the rules, you must raise this defense during your discussion with the HR team. Retrospective appeals are not permitted unless you have compelling new evidence which renders the outcome of the investigation unsafe.

All HR case files are GDPR compliant. You have the right to request your case file for a duration of up to 14 days following the case conclusion.

§1.6 - Verbal Warning, Strikes & Terminations

Viva Trucking operates on a “Two-Strike'' system. A Strike may be issued for multiple reasons, including breach of our rules and policies, driver misconduct, or receiving bans on TruckersMP. In very minor cases, first offenses, or where the driver has fully co-operated, it is within the HR team's discretion to opt for a simple Verbal Warning instead when considering all of the circumstances.

Upon receiving a Strike, it will be associated with a driver for up to one year, depending on the severity of the incident. If another Strike is received during that time, it will result in termination from Viva Trucking. If no Strikes are received between the issuing of the first Strike and up to one year thereafter, the Strike will be removed.

Strike 1 - A written warning from Human Resources.
Strike 2 - Termination from Viva Trucking.

In very rare cases, a driver may be directly terminated with the agreement of the entire HR team. Reasons for a direct termination include but are not limited to:

- Engaging in extreme, provocative, and abusive behavior.
- Evading a Termination or Application Blacklist.
- Distributing Malicious Malware, Spyware, Spamware, etc. on our Discord guild.
- Abusing/Exploiting Viva Trucking's Services & Software.
- Fundamentally Cheating the Driver Rank system.

Viva Trucking retains the right to terminate any account because of, but not limited to:

- Engaging in conduct that endangers Viva Trucking or that is against the best interests of Viva Trucking.
- For any other reason that Viva Trucking determines as a proper reason for termination.

All HR cases are put to a vote to ensure impartiality and fairness.


§2 - Company Policies


Dual VTC’ing (being in more than one virtual trucking company at a time) is strictly prohibited, if you are a driver for Viva Trucking you cannot be in another VTC at the same time. Any driver found to be dual VTC’ing will be subject to investigation by the HR Department. This policy is commonplace across all VTCs.


Viva Trucking is a large VTC whose leaders and managers often find themselves very busy. When a driver has any kind of problem or question that requires the assistance of a member of the staff team, the proper lines of communication must be followed.

Our lines of communication can be found below:

General inquiries:
1. Ask in the #help-and-questions channel.
2. Ask a member of Viva Trucking Staff
3. Ask a member of Department Management
4. Ask a member of Viva Leadership

1. Send a Direct Message to a member of Human Resources Staff
2. Send a Direct Message to the Human Resources Manager
3. Send a Direct Message to a member of Viva Leadership


When wishing to take a vacation or leave of absence for a period lasting more than seven days, you must submit a Vacation Request via our Drivers Hub. This will ensure that your account is not removed for inactivity. The maximum duration permitted is three months per request. However, the Human Resources Department can refuse a vacation request if you have an excessive history of vacations with few logged jobs.


Users that have been inactive for three months will be contacted by a member of the HR Department notifying them of their inactivity. This will include both an email and a Discord Direct Message, failure to respond or resume activity will result in your account being deleted.


Members should not falsify information at any point during their membership at Viva Trucking, including but not limited to their application, staff applications, and any information requested by Human Resources


It is a requirement for continued membership of Viva Trucking to have an active, usable TruckersMP account linked to your Drivers Hub account. If you need to change your TruckersMP account please contact a member of the Human Resources department.


All members are responsible for all accounts that are connected to Viva Trucking, including but not limited to their Drivers Hub, TruckersMP, Steam, and Discord accounts. Anything that happens on any connected account will reflect on the user as a whole.


To leave the VTC, you must submit a vacation request via the Drivers Hub selecting the option that you are leaving Viva. Failure to do so will result in you being considered abandoned and you will be contacted a month later, if you fail to respond your account will be terminated.


Each driver is allowed to apply for another division 14 days after their previous division application. If you apply within 14 days, your application will automatically be denied.


§3 - Admissions Policies


Viva Trucking's minimum age is 16 years old. Drivers that are found to be below this age will be subject to removal.


There is a two-week cool-down period after leaving Viva Trucking in which you can not reapply.


The Human Resources Department reserves the right to revoke membership at any time due to Admission errors or evidence of falsified information given during the admissions process.


Each driver is allowed to be a member of Viva Trucking a total of three times within two years. Any membership that ended over 24 months ago, at the time of the new application will be ignored in this limit.


VTC hopping or the practice of quickly moving between VTCs and Viva Trucking is strictly prohibited. If you are found to be VTC hopping, you will face permanent removal from Viva Trucking.


Shared accounts are not allowed under any circumstances, this includes multiple persons using one Drivers Hub account as well as multiple Drivers Hub accounts linked to the same Steam account. Each driver is responsible for their account and connected account, and anything that happens on it will reflect on an account as a whole.

§4 - Multiplayer Policies


When playing TruckersMP, you must follow all the official TruckersMP rules including but not limited to:
  - Service-wide rules
  - Game only rules
  - Save editing rules

All TruckersMP rules can be found here:


Viva Trucking is seen as one of the most professional and respected companies in the virtual trucking community, we expect our drivers and staff to uphold this professionalism at all times. When in-game, whether in TruckersMP or SCS Convoy, we expect you to drive with the utmost care and attention, (just as you would in the real world).


Do not use foul/provocative language in the chat, or otherwise do general things that will harm the company name.


If you receive any ban from TruckersMP, you must report it to a member of the HR Department or email Failure to do so promptly may result in disciplinary action.


Regardless of what VTC a user is in, you should respect all players and not use insults. If someone disrespects you or Viva Trucking, don't retaliate and insult back. You should report the user using the appropriate report system.


Members are required to make their ban history public upon request from the Human Resources department.

§5 - Job Policies


We have a zero-tolerance policy on the use of money/economy mods and editors. Any driver found using these to exploit logs will be subject to investigation by the HR Department.


Attempting to exploit logs by using the F7 menu, dev cam, or by excessively using ferries is strictly forbidden. Any driver found to be using any of these methods will be subject to investigation by the HR Department.


The use of mods and or editors to exploit our Promotional Delivery system is strictly forbidden.


Jobs should be logged with loads taken from the in-game markets or SCS World Of Trucks markets only.


The maximum job payout limit is €/$400,000. This means the initial pay-out of the job before any Viva bonuses are applied.


The maximum payment rate in Euro Truck Simulator 2 is €250 per kilometer.
The maximum payment rate in American Truck Simulator is $275 per mile.


Viva Trucking operates on an honesty policy and we expect this to be reflected in your logs.


All jobs should be logged and verified on the Drivers Hub within fourteen days of completion.


If you have any concerns about the legitimacy of jobs, please contact a member of the HR department.


Any driver that wishes to submit jobs worth $/€ 300,000+ must use the tracker to do so. Any jobs manually submitted over this value will be automatically rejected, unless approved by the Human Resources Manager.


Tracker logs that are above $/€ 300,000 are subject to verification by the HR department. If you take a job above this cap HR staff will be notified. For your high-value job to be verified, we require you to provide proof of the job in the form of 3 screenshots:

- The start screen (Job list with the job you're taking selected)
- The map after you completed the delivery (To show the route taken)
- The end screen (Screen detailing income and XP that displays after unloading your cargo    .

A member of Human Resources will contact you via Discord Direct Message to collect these as when a job is locked for verification you can not edit any details, they will then inform you via Direct Message whether the job has been approved or denied.


Jobs delivering caravans using cars are not permitted to be logged on the Drivers Hub.


We have a zero-tolerance policy towards no damage and no collision mods. We try to simulate a realistic environment here at Viva and those kinds of mods, even in single-player, don't represent that.


The use of Virtual Speditor or any other mod or editor that manually adds jobs into the game is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to TruckersMP Dispatcher & Trucky Dispatcher.


The use of the TruckersMP job dispatcher is permitted only when synchronizing with another player’s job that was naturally generated from the in-game markets per Rule 5.4.

§6 - Event and Convoy Policies


You must read and follow all information provided in our event posts and announcements. For certain large public events, this will include a specific truck, colors, and accessories.


Use of the event profile and the ‘Viva Trucking’ in-game tag is mandatory for all convoys and public events; the official event profiles for ATS, ETS2, and ProMods can be downloaded from our Drivers Hub.


Use of Discord voice chat when taking part in convoys or events is mandatory, whilst you are not expected to have a microphone you should at a minimum listen to the voice chat to receive instructions from the leader of the event.


If you have any issues during the convoy including needing fuel or needing repairs, you may F7 and catch up to the back of the convoy.


If you spot a troller, ignore them and notify the convoy leader.


Always listen to the convoy leader, and/or Viva Trucking staff.


No overtaking in the convoy. This includes non-Viva drivers unless otherwise stated.


Keep a distance of approximately 150 meters or 500 feet from the truck in front of you, depending on speed.


No speeding unless otherwise stated.


Running red lights is allowed if you need to catch up. Please be aware of your surroundings.


You are not permitted to invite Non-Viva drivers to scheduled private convoys. This is permitted however for public Viva-run convoys, public events, and truck fests.


Late in joining a convoy? You must join at the rear of the convoy and follow rule 6.6 at all times.



At public events, drivers should depart in the order stated by the events staff and the event's organizers.



You can not break rules such as causing collisions or blocking roads to ensure you stay with Viva during a drive or event on public TruckersMP servers.

If you do get separated from Viva during an event or drive, you should make sure you follow all rules if you intend on trying to get back with the convoy.

For example, if there is a truck between you and the rest of the convoy and you intend to drive with them again, you should ensure that:
- It's safe to overtake
- There's a suitable gap to merge into after the overtake
- You follow all the rules without affecting other road users


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