Last Updated 7th, July 2019

PLEASE NOTE: These rules & policies are subject to change at any time.


Changes made: Added Rule 3.6 Edited rule 4.1.10

  • Section 1 - Disciplinary Policies

  • Section 2 - Company Policies

  • Section 3 - Admission Policies

  • Section 4 - Discord/Drivershub Policies

  • Section 5 - In-Game Policies

  • Subsection 5.1 - Multiplayer Policies

  • Subsection 5.2 - Job Rules

  • Subsection 5.3 - Convoy Rules

  • Subsection 5.4 - Public Event Rules


1) Disciplinary Policies

1.1) “2 Strike” Policy: This is a policy where you will be given 1 prior strike before you are permanently removed from VIVA Trucking. This applies to complaints in the Discord and external sources such as TMP and Anonymous Reports. Please note that more serious transgressions can skip strikes depending on the severity of the incident. Strike 1 - Written Warning from Human Resources Strike 2 - Permanent removal from Viva Trucking. *Verbal Warning possible for minor violations*

2) Company Policies

2.1) As is the case with all VTC's, please note if you are found to be dual-vtc’ing. (Being in/Logging for multiple companies at the same time) You will be subject to an HR investigation and the outcome is to be decided by the Investigating Officer.

2.2) Lines of communication. As Viva is a large VTC, leadership often find themselves very busy. As such, when a driver has any kind of problem or question that requires the assistance of a member of the staff team, the proper lines of communication must be followed. The lines of communication can be found below:


General questions/enquiries:

1. Ask in Help-and-Questions.

2. Ask a staff member.

3. Ask a Department Director.

4. Ask leadership.


1. Anonymous reporting tool pinned in Announcements

2. HR Department Director

3. Leadership

3) Admission Policies

3.1) With the age limit being set at 16, any current drivers under this limit are free to stay, but will face immediate removal if they come under any investigation from Human Resources.

3.2) Should you apply to leave Viva Trucking, there is a 2 week cool down period in which you cannot reapply. However, feel free to reapply after 2 weeks.

3.3) The Admissions Department reserves the right to revoke membership at any point.

3.4) VTC hopping, or the practice of quickly moving between VTC's and Viva Trucking is strictly prohibited. If you are found to be VTC hopping, you will face permanent removal from Viva Trucking.

3.5) Shared accounts are not allowed under ANY circumstances. Each driver is responsible for their own account, and anything that happens on it will reflect on the account as a whole.

3.6) Each driver is allowed to apply to Viva Trucking a total of three times. If you leave after joining three times, any application to join again will be denied.

4.1) Discord/Drivershub Policies

4.1.1) No inappropriate content. (Pornography, etc.) Viva Trucking is a 16+ community and we like to keep our chats PG-13. Posting of said content may result in a Strike 1 or 2.

4.1.2) Moderate your swearing - We know that a majority of our community is 18+, however we still like to maintain the clean professional image of Viva Trucking.

4.1.3) No offensive/derogatory comments. Despite the revision of the above rule there will always be "a line" so make sure not to cross it with your comments.

4.1.4) Arguments. If you have an issue with a fellow Driver and/or Staff Associate then please follow the correct way of reporting this which is to PM a member of the HR team. The correct lines of communication are found in rule 2.2.

4.1.5) Bots. Our magnificent IT team have created some bots to help make your time here more enjoyable and all we ask in return is that you limit use of bot commands to bot-and-spam-stuff

4.1.6) Advertising of any kind is prohibited if it meets the follow criteria; another VTC, for financial gain, or contains adult content.

4.1.7) To address issues with tagging users, special characters are prohibited for at least the first four characters of your Discord name. Having [VIVA] before your name is allowed, but the first four letters after that must not contain special characters. Any driver who does not abide by this rule may face disciplinary action at the HR member's discretion.

4.1.8) Please use the correct channels for the correct purposes. Below are the most popular channels and their purposes. General - General talk about ETS2/ATS/VIVA Trucking. Off Topic - Off-topic related that do not have anything to do with ETS2/ATS/VIVA Trucking. Mods - Chat to talk about mods/share mods with others. Please check pinned messages before asking about mods/skins. Help and Questions - In case you need help or have questions, feel free to ask in this chat. Either a staff member or another driver will be happy to help you.

4.1.9) Any misuse of the Spoiler function /spoiler will not be tolerated and may result in a warning or further action.

4.1.10) The usage of the @ Notified tag is reserved to Viva Staff only. In addition, Viva Staff and Division Managers/Co-Managers are the only ones allowed to use Division tags. Any non-staff member using these tags to notify others in Discord will receive a warning, with consecutive misuses resulting in a strike.

4.1.11) After being accepted into one of our Specialty Divisions, drivers must stay in that division for at least one month before switching to another division.

5.1) Multiplayer Policies


5.1.2) Viva Trucking is seen as one of, if not the most professional and respected companies in the VTC and TMP community so we expect our drivers and staff to uphold this professionalism. When in-game, we expect you to drive with the utmost care and attention (as you would in the real word per se) so that people will know the Viva name and want to get involved.

5.1.3) You are NOT allowed to drive cars while wearing VIVA tags.

5.1.4) No large groups of VIVA Drivers on Calais/Duisburg Road. (4 or more drivers)

5.1.5) When driving with other Viva Trucking drivers, you need to use our Discord (with a fully-working headset).

5.1.6) Don't use foul/provocative language in the public chat, or otherwise do general things that will harm the company name.

5.1.7) If you do receive any ban from TruckersMP during your application or once with Viva Trucking, you must report it to a HR staff member or email Failure to do so will result in a warning and potential dismissal. (At the HR Associates discretion.)

5.1.8) You are responsible for your own account. When rules are being broken, we will punish the account that broke them, no matter who was using it at that time.

5.1.9) Due to a disappointing amount of TMP reports against Viva Drivers, the management team have decided to implement a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY in relation to driving. Should you get banned you are to PM an HR associate immediately with either the evidence/profile link and we will then decide if you need a training session with HR or Events. During this session, if your driving doesn't meet a certain standard or you are disrespectful to the staff members you shall be removed from Viva Trucking.

5.1.10) Double trailers are the maximum permitted in TMP. I.e. no triple or more trailers.

5.2) Job Rules

5.2.1) We have zero-tolerance on Money/Economy editors. If you are found using such mods you shall be permabanned from the company.

5.2.2) ProMods we are perfectly fine with the mod however we request that you don’t use excessive ferries.

5.2.3) Maximum job pay limit of €/$400,000. This means the initial pay-out of the job before any Viva bonuses are applied, for example, from division loads or promotional deliveries.

5.2.4) Maximum pay per kilometer is €/$140.

5.2.5) Viva Trucking operates on an Honesty Policy and we expect this to be reflected on your Driving Logs.

5.2.6) If you have any concerns about the legitimacy of jobs please use HR's anonymous reporting tool pinned in Announcements.

5.2.7) Tracker logs that are above $/€ 300,000 are subject to HR verification. Should you take a job above this cap, staff will be notified and your job locked. With this we will request proof in the form of 3 screenshots: 1) The start screen (Job list with the job you're taking selected) 2) The map after you completed the delivery (To show the route taken) 3) The end screen (Screen detailing income and XP that displays after uncoupling your trailer.

5.2.8) Any attempts to exploit your logs via money mods, F7’ing or any other ways will be heavily penalised.

5.2.9) If you do not submit at least two months, your Drivers Hub account will be subject to removal by the Human Resources Team. Please make sure you put in a vacation if you must leave for an extended amount of time. (At least 2 week or more is an extended period of time.)

5.2.10) We have a zero tolerance policy on no damage and no collision mods. We try to simulate a realistic environment here at VIVA and those kinds of mods, even in single player, don't represent that.

5.2.11) Any drivers of driver and above rank that wish to submit jobs of $/€ 300,000 and above value must use the tracker to do so. Any jobs manually submitted of this value will be automatically deleted.

5.2.12) You can not submit loads delivering caravans to the driver's hub.

5.2.13) The use of ETS2sync and Virtual Speditor is allowed, but not for the use of exploiting our Promotional Delivery System. All Promotional Deliveries must be taken from the job market, not added in manually. Failure to abide may result in a warning or strike at the HR member's discretion.


5.3) Convoy Rules

5.3.1) You must read ALL information provided in the event details/forum in Driver Hub. This will include the correct truck, colors, and accessories required for the convoy.

5.3.2) Should you have an issues during the convoy, need fuel, need fixing, you may F7, stop for fuel, etc, and catch up to the back of the convoy. (unless otherwise stated.)

5.3.3) We do not use pilot cars. (unless otherwise stated)

5.3.4) If you spot a troller, ignore him/her and notify the convoy leader(s)/staff.

5.3.5) Always listen to convoy leader(s), and/or Viva Trucking staff.

5.3.6) No overtaking in the convoy, this includes non-VIVA drivers. (unless otherwise stated)

5.3.7) Keep 50-200 meters distance, depending on speed. (unless otherwise stated)

5.3.8) No speeding. (unless otherwise stated)

5.3.9) Running red lights is allowed if needing to catch up.(be aware of surroundings)

5.3.10) You are NOT allowed to invite Non-VIVA drivers to scheduled convoys, only public events/truckfests.

5.3.11) Late in joining a convoy? You must join at the rear of the convoy and follow rule 5.3.6 at all times.

5.4) Public Event Rules

5.4.1) ALL Subsection 5.3 rules apply to Public Events.

5.4.2) Drivers in public events will be in the following order from FRONT to BACK: VIVA, Partners, Other VTC’s, Public.



Viva Trucking retains the right to terminate the official member because of but not limited to: 1. Engaging in conduct that endangers Viva Trucking or that is against the best interests of Viva Trucking. 2. For any reason that Viva Trucking determines as a proper reason for termination.



- All Donations are protected under law and are voluntary.

- Privacy and Terms of Service are in effect once you submit your application. You can find the Privacy and Terms of Service here 

- All staff operations are volunteer driven and are not under any circumstances are subject to payment.

- Member information is not shared with other outside forces. This includes shared branches.