Viva's Internal and External Expansion

A Public Report by the CEO: Published April 17, 2019

From the very beginning, Viva has strived to expand on what it means to be a VTC and to further make an impact on the truck sim community. Throughout the rest of 2019, Viva plans to expand to broader ambitions though both Viva Trucking and our company entity Viva Group. With our wide range of assets, financial support, and brand recognition, we plan to further make an impact in both the truck sim community along with other popular simulation platforms.

Viva Trucking's Expansion

Viva Trucking is constantly dreaming of new innovations for truck sim enthusiast. Through the power of our talented staff, the many dreams we create become reality. From our sophisticated Drivers Hub to Viva's custom Tracker, many of the tools we take for granted today started off as a dream. Over the past year we have been hard at work dreaming of new ways to further develop our VTC for our Drivers enjoyment. As a result, we have several projects in the works that will further add to our Drivers experience and become a model for VTC's to follow.

- Driver Experience

At Viva, we value our Drivers satisfaction as it is our duty to provide the best experience as possible. That is why we have developed a whole new staff department, Community Management, who's job is to develop Driver events that encourage collaboration, award Drivers for outstanding preference, and develop entertaining activities. With Community Management, we hope to bring more life into the community and get players involved in exciting activities.

- New Technology

We are currently in the process of mass recruiting talented I.T. Associates to help expand Viva's list of Drivers Hub features. With the addition of several new I.T. Associates, Viva plans to develop new features such as new community involvement implementations, complete economic system, new division upgrades, and much more. Our web/technology staff are passionate about Viva's mission to transform the way virtual trucking is today and will continue to expand Viva's technology for Drivers enjoyment. - Viva Global

Over the past 3 months, our Global Operations Department has been hard at work collaborating with new Global Directors to further expand Viva into foreign markets. By the end of the year, we hope to have 3 global divisions open and operational: Viva Chinese, Viva Portuguese, and Viva Russia. Although the release dates for these divisions are not final, we have been working hard to get them out as soon as possible. It is important for both our brand and competition that we expand into different languages in the truck sim community. Through Viva Global we hope to make Viva a common name in the truck sim community and continue to change thousands of lives. - Public Involvement

As stated in our 2019 ambitions video, we plan on further expanding on our public involvement through both public mod developments along with creating more fun TMP events for all of the community to enjoy. To do this, we will be creating a public modding team who's role will be vital in the creation of public mods developed by Viva. Our Events Department will also be working with partners and Community Management to plan more exciting events in both ATS and ETS2 from July 2019-December 2019. - Marketing Expansion

Over the past 2 months, Viva has signed contracts with several in-game radios and other popular truck sim platforms to expand our marketing outreach to more truck sim enthusiasts. Through the financial support given to Viva by donors, we have been able to advertise more than ever before and will continue to expand our marketing to popular truck sim streamers, YouTube content creators, and other outreach solutions to bring more attention to both Viva and future acquired entities. It is vital that we continue to strongly advertise Viva to bring awareness to the brand to make our presents common in the truck sim community.

Through these expansions, we hope to further improve our VTC for Driver enjoyment and move in the right direction to maintain our title as the Kings of the Road!

Viva Group Expansion

In late 2018, Viva Trucking's management branched out Viva into a business entity to further expand the Viva brand from just a VTC. Through Viva Group, Viva's management hopes to touch on different areas of the truck sim market along with moving to new simulation markets in the future. As a business entity, Viva Group will be used to develop new ventures, acquire current platforms to expand our outreach, and build up an independent team that will help in broader ambitions.

- Acquisitions

The sol purpose of Viva Group is to expand our outreach to new possibilities in the simulation market. To do this, we have drawn up a list of strategic acquisitions that Viva Group will preform both in the truck sim market and other simulation markets which will expand our ownership to new business ventures. At the moment, we are in the process of three main acquisitions in the truck sim community, that if successful, will transform the truck sim community into something truly magical. We are very excited to expand our outreach to new ventures and will do so without effecting developments at Viva Trucking. Viva Group is its own entity with its own team of staff officials that do not relate to the teams at Viva Trucking.

- Web Development/Technology

At the heart of Viva's brand is its technology. With Viva Group, we will be building a team of highly efficient I.T. professionals that will help develop new platforms used by thousands of players from around the world. It is through our development staff that we will truly excel in new ventures.

Viva Group is a new entity that is still growing and developing. More information about Viva Group will be available April 27th on

A lot is happening between now and the end of 2019. With our talent team of staff officials, loving support by Drivers, and the financial aid we receive from our donators, we will continue to expand on our mission to transform the way virtual trucking is today. It is a pleasure and a honor to be the leader of such an amazing community. Regards, Quad CEO of Viva Trucking