Viva's Corona Virus Response: Temporarily Removing Activity and Vacation Requirements

Updated: Mar 27

With the rising fear of the Corona Virus, we understand that many of our users and staff will have to adapt to changes in their everyday life. We are also aware that as this virus continues to spread, it may become more common among the general population. As a result, Viva has temporarily removed all activity and vacation requirements such as:

  • Temporarily removing 2.3) ((for a period lasting more than seven days) you should submit a Vacation Request via the DriversHub. The maximum duration permitted is three months per request.)

  • Temporarily removing Section 2.4) (Users that have been inactive for three months will be contacted by a member of the HR Department, if no reply is received within seven days the account will be removed from our system.)

By doing so, we hope to alleviate the pressure of vacation and activity requirements from Drivers whose lives are impacted by the Corona Virus. We will reinstate these rules once the global community decides the Corona Virus is no longer a threat to the general public.