Update on Viva's Global Divisions

Great news! Viva's two latest Divisions, Viva Chinese and Viva Portuguese, are nearing completion! Due to all of the hard work our associates have put in, we expect both Divisions to be open by late June/early July! These two new Divisions mark the beginning of a new future for Viva as we further expand the reach of Viva's unique experience and become a player in more competitive environments. While Viva Chinese and Viva Portuguese are in development, our Viva Global Operations Staff have been preparing the next wave of Divisions to become part of the Viva family. The next two Divisions to follow Chinese and Portuguese include: Viva Polish and Viva Turkish. Both of these languages are largely involved in the TMP community and lack the VTC experience Viva provides. That is why we are bring our unique atmosphere to these language communities. Over the past few weeks we have established a team on both of these language Divisions that will beginning the process of translating Viva material into each language and establish each community. Each division to expected to cost upwards of $100 to fully establish and promote which in-part is necessary to provide a quality product. We want to provide every player in the trucksim community the chance to become part of the Viva family, which is what our Global Division initiative is all about. To learn more about Viva Global's operations, please visit https://www.vivatrucking.com/vivaglobal-leadership