Recent Cyber Attacks

Updated: Jul 13

Over the course of a month, Viva Trucking has suffered from several cyberattacks, resulting in system outages and service interruptions.

On December 9th, 2019, our management received multiple reports regarding duplicate tracker jobs on our DriversHub. Upon investigation, our management team concluded that an outside attacker had spammed hundreds of false tracker jobs using our dedicated tracker. Immediately, our development team went to work securing our services from further attacks. After a three-day tracker outage, our development team reinstated tracker services while monitoring driver activity to better understand the attack. Following this update, the attacker then proceeded to directly DDOS our server provider. Although our server provider was able to mitigate these attacks, some legitimate traffic was being blocked through Cloudflare whenever migration occurred. As a result, many users were blocked from using the site during attacks. After long discussions with our server provider, we resolved the server issues in which stopped our DDOS attacks. However, after a few days, reports once again came in regarding spammed tracker jobs. Along with the tracker, the attacker also spammed our application system. Upon investigation of this new attack, our development team was determined to resolve the issue, but required ample time in order to ensure Viva was secure from future attacks. For three weeks, our development team has been working hard to recode and redevelop multiple aspects of our DriversHub and tracker software. During the duration of this time, our tracker was disabled for Driver use, with manual logs replacing tracker services. As of January 15th, 2020, our development team has fully resolved all issues. As one of the most impactful VTCs in the truck sim community, Viva is constantly under threat from outsiders who would benefit from the demise of our operations. None the less, our community stands strong. Our Community Management department is in the process of restoring Driver activity through interactive community events and promotional deliveries, our Development team is making future plans that will further improve our Drivers experience, and our management will be continuing to investigate this attack to better our operations. For prospective applicants, we apologize for the interruptions our admissions outage caused and for our Drivers, we appreciate your patience in dealing with this attack. A more detailed report about this attack is available for Drivers on the Viva forums.

We are making this information public to inform other VTC's about this incident and to help prevent similar attacks. This also explains the lack of public involvement and outage notices over the month of December. I would like to thank all of our partners and Drivers for their endless support along with our Development team. Our management has great things planned for 2020 that will make up for these unfortunate events. This attack has made Viva more secure and has pushed our team to further innovate our services. Viva is officially back to normal operations and will continue to maintain our title as the Kings of the Road. Warm regards,

Garrett (Quad) CEO of Viva Trucking