Public Harassment Towards Drivers

Over the past few months, Viva has noticed an increasing amount of reports from Drivers regarding harassment while Driving in TruckersMP. Although Viva constantly experiences negative views from public outsiders, the extent of the situation has spread to mass forms of Harassment to Viva Drivers online. These acts of harassment include ramming Drivers, creating roadblocks, verbal abuse, false reporting, and much more. Situations such as these are occurring more often to Drivers due to them being associated with Viva. This type of behavior is unacceptable both in and out of game which is why we are determined to utilize all of our connections to mitigate future situations. As of this week, our Community Relations Manager will be reaching out to TruckersMP in hopes to crack down on the Harassment seen towards our Drivers. Our upper management will also be making contact with VTC leaders to discuss ways we can improve internal relations. As of now, if you (a Driver for Viva) happen to fall victim to any Harassment, please report it to in-game admins and HR to to ensure proper justice is served. No Driver should ever feel discouraged from Driving due to the fear of public harassment. For any questions or concerns on this topic feel free to contact our Human Resources email at -Viva Trucking Human Resources Department