IFMP Relations Ceased

Greetings, As mentioned by IFMP earlier today, IFMP relations with Viva have been ceased. Although we have been removed on unrelated terms as of today, the administration has previously sought to be removed from their platform. This is due to conflicts with our Viva Global program being equally represented in IFMP along with insufficient proof on the progress of their platform. As stated, however, the events that transpired today were due to personal issues between both organizations, leading the removal of Viva from their registered VTCs. Along with our removal, a statement was made about Driver behavior in their Discord, however, our Human Resources has no report on record regarding poor behavior on their platform. Although this removal may be unfortunate for our Drivers, it is reasonable to understand that IFMP is in the development stages of their platform and will not be fully established in the near future. We wish the best for IFMP and will continue to strive to provide the best for our Drivers. Regards, Viva Management