Announcing the split of Viva Nederland from Viva Trucking

We at Viva have always strived to make our unique experience accessible to the entirety of the TruckSim community. As a result of this mission, in early 2018, Viva launched its Viva Global Program with the goal of bringing Vivas experiences and features some of the most popular languages within the TMP community. Work quickly began on the development of our first Global Division, Viva Nederland (Dutch), as a test of the organization and functionality of this new expansion within Vivas operations. Upon release, Viva Nederland became an instant success with over one thousand members registering during its two-year history.

Following Viva Nederland’s 1st year anniversary, Viva management had become confident that its model and organization of global division operations were sufficient for further growth. Later that month, Viva Trucking management had established a year-long plan to develop four new global divisions within the course of 2019, Viva Polish, Viva Portuguese, Viva China, and Viva Turkey. The management overseeing the development of these new Divisions and its staff behind it became the responsibility of Vivas Global Division Management Staff.

As the Global Management Staff worked on recruiting members within the community to lead these new language divisions, attention was also brought to Vivas various developers with a plan to develop language-specific DriversHubs for each Division, a practice associated with Vivas Dutch Division. Issues were quick to arise within Viva’s IT Department as developers established concerns over the development of such a large expansion of services, leading developers to create a plan to dramatically redevelop certain aspects of our DriversHub and Tracker to cater to further global divisions. This process would take months and would later be ceased due to a lack of resources.

As Divisions were put on hold due to these technical limitations, Viva Global Division Management Staff were later moved to different departments with the management of Vivas only Global Division, Viva Nederland, becoming a responsibility of Viva’s Leaders. As months progressed and further technical limitations continued, Viva Trucking management had voted to no longer pursue other global divisions and to focus resources on Viva Nederland.

As Viva works towards exciting new plans for late 2020, further developments of new features and services within Viva Trucking had become hindered by the technical issues associated with Viva Nederland. After months of trial and error within our IT department, our developers were unable to provide certain implementations within Viva and Viva NL due to our complex nature of Viva Global’s data structure.

It was then that talks to end Viva’s Global program entirely were made, leading to the closure of Viva Nederland. It is with a heavy heart that we have had to reach the resolution of closing Viva Nederland. Multiple solutions were examined before reaching such a decision, however, due to limited resources and the complex nature of Viva Nederlands technical discrepancies, it was apparent that we would no longer be able to support Viva Nederland.

After working with Viva Nederland management on a comprehensive plan to dismantle its global division, the decision was made to merge Viva Nederland into a newly established Dutch VTC called Global Cargo, a VTC created by current Viva Nederland staff, to offer our Dutch-speaking audience an avenue to continue their association with a Dutch-speaking VTC, along with providing the choice to stay within Viva and become part of Viva Trucking.

Within the coming weeks, we will be working with Viva Nederland staff to wind down their operations as they work towards establishing their own VTC. Applications for Viva Nederland will close today with normal operations, such as events and member services, continuing until early August. Viva Nederland will be hosting their last big public event, Drive with the Kings, this Wednesday the 15th July 2020 at 17:00 GMT, we highly encourage both Drivers along with the TMP community to partake in this event to offer Viva Nederland a celebratory departure from Viva. The final week of Viva Nederland before the official split into Viva Trucking and Global Cargo will be the week commencing 10th August 2020.

Viva Nederland marked the beginnings of a visionary future of what Viva could become. As our mission states, we are constantly changing the way virtual trucking is today. For nearly two years, Viva Nederland revolutionized both the Dutch VTC community along with providing an example of what a global VTC could entail. As we look towards the future, we are excited to continue working on bigger and better things, but with a heavy heart. I would also like to recognize the hard-working and talented staff, who put their heart and soul into making Viva Nederland the VTC it is today. As we separate in good terms, Viva as agreed to partner and work closely with their newly established VTC, Global Cargo, for years to come. We look forward to helping Viva Nederland during their transition and will continue to cater to its members until its closing. Warm regards, Garrett (Quad)

CEO of Viva Trucking Global Cargo Website: