Greetings, Today is one of the most challenging days I have ever faced in Viva history. Over the course of several days, discussions within management have taken place to plan out the future of Viva, which has set in motion some major changes. As part of these discussions, effective immediately, I will be leaving the role as CEO of Viva Trucking with COO Andy becoming Vivas’s new CEO. This decision is one of the biggest decisions we have ever made within Viva, but is meant to progress Viva into further success. Although not CEO, I will remain in Viva with my new role, “Founder,” taking on new challenges that do not preside with daily operations. As CEO, Andy will be in charge of the operations of Viva Trucking (manging our many departments and community experiences), establishing public communications within the TruckSim community, and working closely with our new Directors’ Committee to set into motion significant changes to Viva. As Founder, I will remain the sole owner of Viva, administering Vivas’ finances, overseeing Vivas’ security and core technology operations, managing the branding and promotion of Viva across its many media platforms, and establishing long term projects within Viva in conjunction with the Directors’ Committee. The formation of the new Directors’ Committee plays a vital role in the management changes within Viva. Any implementation/decision that can impact the community must be voted on within the Directors’ Committee which is comprised of the Founder, CEO, and Department Directors of Viva. All of these changes come at a time when Viva is looking into the future and working on developments that will make Viva better than ever before. The personal decision to leave the role of CEO follows many problems that have resulted within Viva that are the outcome of complications with my personal responsibilities. As I have taken on new responsibilities such as college and job opportunities, my ability to successfully manage all operations of Viva have been hindered. Earlier this year, Andy was brought in as COO to help fill in some of my management roles in Viva, but as months progressed, Andys exceptional leadership skills have propelled Viva into operational success. As my time management discrepancies continued, certain aspects of Viva operations were affected, and as a result, slowed down progression. To better focus on aspects of the community that I best manage and enjoy doing, while leaving broader operational decisions and responsibilities to someone who is better suited to lead them, the Directors and I agreed to make the following changes. Viva will always be a significant part of my life, and I have no intentions on leaving what I have created over the years, but due to my current position in life, leaving the role of CEO to someone who can be more dedicated in leading Viva in the right direction is best suited for Andy. I’m very optimistic of the things to come out of this decision and will work closely with both Andy and the Directors to ensure Viva is led in the right direction. I look forward to the years to come and can not wait for what the future has in store. Warm Regards, Garrett (Quad) Founder of Viva Trucking

A message from new CEO Andy Hello all,

I am thrilled to be writing to you for the first time as CEO of Viva Trucking, firstly I would like to thank Quad for his excellent service over the years and look forward to continuing to work with him in his reduced capacity as founder.

Following the change in leadership it will be very much business as usual for the time being, though some important changes to our staff structure and departments will be coming early next month, the changes will include the introduction of a new Directors' Committee, formed of our current Viva management and directors, this new committee will play an enhanced and far more important role in making future decisions about Viva. Full details of the new changes will be announced in due course.

We also have plans in development to enhance interaction between Viva management and members, including new ‘Drive with the Director’ convoys, more details on those coming soon.

Looking a little further ahead into the future we are approaching our 4th Anniversary which is coming up in September, this year’s celebrations will be the best yet, plus we’ve got some really big changes and developments to Viva being released during the Anniversary, trust me, although the details are being kept closely under wraps for now they will be well worth the wait!

So, until next time, best wishes for the rest of your day/night, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


New CEO of Viva Trucking