4 Months of Fun Public Events!

Last week the Event Department sat down to plan out 4 months of public events that Viva will be hosting. As we haven't held a public event in quite some time, we wanted to go above and beyond expectations, creating unique events that spark imagination.

Our first public event (June) is a simple monthly public convoy called "Drive with the Kings" in which we invite public outsiders and VTCs to Drive with us from city to city, delivering loads and building bonds. Our next 3 events are solely focused on creativity, changing up TMP's regular truckfest/convoy events. The first of these three (July) is "Alien Discovery," a themed event that tells the story of a trucker who was visited by something out of this world. After making contact with Aliens he vanished off of Viva HQ's tracker and it is our job to locate him around the area where he was last seen. Lets just hope we don't run into any Aliens. Next (August) is "The Fight for the Crown" in which Viva's King of the Road crown was stolen from Viva HQ and to earn it back, all of TMP's VTCs will be competing in a tournament to see who will earn the crown title of Kings of the Road! Our final event will take place in September in which a Cash prize will be hidden somewhere in ETS2 and it is up for teams of truckers to solve ancient riddles to find the treasure. The first team to find it wins!

With all these amazing events, we hope to bring joy to both our Drivers and the Public! -Viva Event Management