Web Developer

Throughout our history, Viva Trucking has grown to become the leader in VTC technology and it is essential to constantly be improving and developing new enhancements to better our Drivers experience. As the role of a Web Developer is one of the most important roles in Viva, it is essential to have enough personnel on hand when things either break or we advance onto large projects for the community. The Web Developers in Viva are given many exclusive perks apart from other departments as our IT team is what makes Viva, Viva. Do you have what it takes to be part of Viva’s Development Department? View the list of requirements down below. 

  • Develop planned features for Viva’s DriversHub
  • Collaborate with other IT Devs on large projects
  • Correct any bugs that may occur randomly
  • Must be proficient in PHP (Laravel Framework), React, TypeScript, (optional C++)
  • Must be 16 or older
  • Must be professional and respectful to all members 
  • Must have good time availability
  • Great communication and writing skills
  • Must have a headset/microphone
*All Staff positions are unpaid/volunteer based. No Staff associate is to be financially compensated for any work.*
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