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Viva is one of the most family-oriented communities in all of truck sim community. For countless years, Viva has made an impact on thousands of lives in which both friends and memories have been made. It is at the very core values of Viva to never view our Drivers as a number but as a member of our family. From the moment you start your career at Viva, you are greeted by dozens of driver who welcome you into the community! From convoys to discussions, Drivers are constantly communicating with one another, building bonds and memories that will last a lifetime. All of this and more is why Viva has been chosen by nearly 6,000 people.

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Viva is a community like no other. Our Drivers go above and beyond for each other both in game and out. In several instances, Drivers have met up in real life and have even gone as far as showing compassion during hard times. The image on the left tells a story on just how close the Viva family is. A fellow Driver in Viva Nederland (Dutch) was involved in an accident that put him in the hospital for quite some time. To cheer him up, fellow drivers pitched in and sent him flowers. There are tones of other instances where Drivers have impacted each other in real life, which makes Viva a truly amazing place. 

For nearly 3 years, Viva has impacted thousands of lives and continues to do so to this very day. #myvivastory campaign consists of Drivers personal stories on how Viva has impacted their lives. All of the Drivers stories displayed below were collected from our website to share with the public.

Master Driver - neighborguy1990

I started playing ets 2 a few years ago and then discovered TMP a little over a year ago. 6 months of playing online and then buying ats, I kept noticing players tags being the same. I was curious about why. Now before I go any further, I battle with severe depression among other things and have had several attempts taking my own life. During this time, it was starting to hit that low point again. I jumped on the TMP forums and seen the vtc section. I was intrigued. I had to learn more. I looked at every single vtc in the forums and the only one that I kept coming back to was VIVA. I've seen more VIVA drivers on the road than any other VTC. So I thought, what the heck, might as well apply. I got accepted on Sept 20, 2018. I was ecstatic. The feeling of being accepted somewhere was, well for me at that dark point in my life, indescribable. Joining the VIVA discord channel has honestly been one of the best things for me. I know i don't appear in the General Chat hardly ever, but i do lurk there and the help channel every day. I see the interactions between VIVA drivers and even staff members, and i think to myself. This is a family, not just some ordinary vtc. I am proud to be a master driver and member of such a family and i hope to grow into a higher up position when i feel i am ready to apply. Thank you to all VIVA staff and members! You have literally saved my life.

    Admissions Director - Zillent

I joined Viva Trucking around August of last year and since then I have enjoyed the community atmosphere ever since the start of my career. During this time I was in a slump because that year I lost two people in my life and being apart of Viva made me feel a lot happier as it was a relaxing way to sit back and just log jobs, especially with an outstanding drivers hub that looks very professional. The rest of the drivers and staff made you feel welcomed and everyone can have a good laugh about something, play with others, or even listen to music. I did several convoys during my first few months and was very impressed with how staff organized them and see why Viva has many tiles for certain categories. Then on top, if they were noticed by an in real life trucking company, which I didn’t see from any other VTC. After being with them for a few months, I went ahead and applied for Admissions, as I wanted to gain experience, grow, and welcome newer drivers into the community of Viva. Then sooner or later I got welcomed into Admissions at the time when it was Ricky being [Director] “FYI: Ricky is lit”, and I am here today as the Admissions new [Director]. It was an adventure to get where I am right now if it wasn’t for me finding out about Viva from videos and I wouldn’t be where I am now, apart of a community that is ever growing in numbers, new inventions, and etc. So thank you Viva for giving me this chance to be a part of something and you guys will always feel like a 2nd family too me.

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