A Unique Viva Trucking Feature


Specialty Divisions are a unique feature only available at Viva that allows Drivers to join Divisions such as Flatbed, Reefer, Hazmat, Agriculture, and Heavy Haul to gain more though Division bonuses, along with adding some realism to your gameplay experience. Through Divisions, Drivers can connect with other division Drivers and participate in division only events. With extra bonuses, exclusive mods, division competitions, and much more, specialty divisions are a true favorite in the community. 



The Refrigerated Division specializes in hauling cargos requiring temperature controlled trailers. Since our cargos are very sensitive we have to run routes which make sure that the cargos are delivered on time before they loose their "chill". Join the Refrigerated Division if you feel you are cool enough to stand the challenge of urgent deliveries! (We also have ice cream.)


The Hazmat Division is all about Hazardous cargo! The jobs we do are quite important but also quite risky. It is up to us to ensure that the trailers get to the destination safe! So are you up for the challenge?


From Farm to Family, the Agricultural division will safely transport plants, crops & livestock to wherever they are needed across America and Europe. As a member of this division, you will be responsible for making sure the shelves are stocked, the farms are supplied and the logging industry keeps moving. Are you up the challenge?


The Flatbed Division specialize in transporting Flatbed and Flat Deck Cargo. We offer a variety of cargoes including Wind Turbines, Farming Equipment, Construction Materials & Machinery and much more. Our loads are essential to the building of new Homes and Workplaces. Join us and help to build the future, today.


The Intermodal Division involves the transportation of freight in an intermodal container or vehicle without any handling of the freight itself when changing modes. From Sea Ports to rail, Intermodal containers are meant to travel across the globe to maximize efficiency and get cargo to a customer fast. Join the Intermodal Division today to experience a new field of fun and grow your viva wallet!


The Heavy Haul Division specializes in hauling heavy and special cargo. That is time sensitive and very delicate. We ensure that our loads are there on time and safe. Are you up for the Challenge?


Start Working For The Kings Of The Road