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What we do in Viva Trucking is very different from other virtual trucking communities. Our community is striving to make each member happy by providing a welcoming and communal environment. Everything in our community was built for the members' enjoyment and realism. We get applicants from around the world to come and truck with us. When you become a trucker for Viva Trucking, we give the driver a list of responsibilities that they must carry out on a day to day operation. All drivers must fill out a trucking log when they make loads. Every time a driver fills out a trucking log, that person will receive points which can lead to higher positions in the company along with getting company related items along the way. We always value our drivers since we are a team. With all the new updates to come with both ATS and ETS2, we plan on growing even bigger as we grow as a community. 


" Viva was created with the goal to transform the way virtual trucking is today. Since then we have accomplished some of the greatest feats in all of the truck sim community. We were the first VTC to create a custom Drivers Hub, the first to have custom company skins, the first to be recognized by a real-life trucking company, and much, much more. For as long as ATS and ETS2 continue to make an impact, Viva will continue to expand and innovate. It is our job to transform our Drivers experience and to push the boundaries on what is possible. "   

- Garrett (Founder of Viva Trucking)

Viva's Mission

Our mission is to: Change the way virtual trucking is today through the power of technology and creative thinking. Our community was the first to create an interactive Drivers Hub platform, the first to offer multiple weekly convoys and the first to offer an immersive/roleplay like experience for truck sim enthusiasts. It is our mission to continue the boundaries of what is possible and to provide the best for our Drivers enjoyment. 

Our History

On March 11th, 2016 Viva Trucking was born, opening days after the release of American Truck Simulator. However, our website and driver's hub had issues, and the staff count was low, forcing us to close apps and remodel the whole company. We wanted to stand out and change the way Virtual Trucking is today, which is why we had to change our image. This decision made Viva Trucking who we are today.

Our Partners

Viva is passionate about the virtual trucking community and supports other communities/platforms that are working alongside Viva to make an impact. Our partnerships are strategic to ensure we are working with the best in the industry to provide the most for our Drivers.